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dressing table collection is smart, elegant and practical. Our dressing tables have plenty of storage for your cosmetics and styling products. The drawers are deep and smooth running with stops to prevent them from being pulled out when you are in a hurry. Our HEMNES collection comes with a mirror and has handy hooks on the side to hang your coats, scarves and bags. Our BRIMNES dressing table design features a hinged mirror that can be closed when not in use.

Very practical and classically stylish. Yes! We are talking about the dressing tables. For someone with a lot of accessories – whether that means make-up, jewellery, ties or beauty products – finding the perfect space to store, showcase, and organize your items can be tricky! A well-organised dressing table helps the morning routine go smoothly and quickly. When there is ample storage space for the essentials, it is easy to keep your makeup items tidy and dust-free.

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