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We’ve Got A Place For Them All Cannot stop buying books? Inherited some fancy silverware from Mom? Give them all a place with our collection of bookcases & shelving units. Our HEMNES is a combination of open shelves, glass cabinets, and drawers that let your valuables be neatly stashed away. The LIATORP and HASTA can be customized with adjustable shelves and extra units in case your collection of novels increases. And if you’re looking for something simpler, our BILLY / OXBERG comes with glass shelves that protect your things from dust.

Whether you’re a book-lover or a collector of antiques, our bookcases & shelving units are here give them a home. Our HEMNES is made out of sustainably sourced wood and comes with a combination of large and small drawers that has enough space for your sports equipment or cutlery.

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